Formation Clinics

Clinics are the heart of our formation training process and they are BIG FUN! Held in various locations in the U.S. several times each year, participants enjoy well organized ground school and formation flight training with highly experienced instructors that taylor to the individuals goals and pace. Our philosophy is that the participant demonstrate proficiency in flying skills and "headwork" to a high standard of safety and teamwork. The F.A.S.T. cards are issued when these standards are met by the participant, as demonstrated and agreed by two Stearman Flight check pilots. Participants don’t always achieve the first certification step (2-ship wingman) during their first clinic.

Contact Stearman Flight Clinic Chairman to arrange a clinic near you or to register for scheduled clinics.

Carey Hardin
(662) 312-8300

Our Next Gathering

5/29/2020 - 5/31/2020

1H0 - Creve Coeur

Beginner, Advanced

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Pioneer Field- Oshkosh, WI

ALL Stearman Flight members invited. Stearman Flight Carded 2 Ship Wing or better will be trained and participate in Four Ship formation flight.

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