Stearman Flight is the place to take your formation flying skills to the next level. Whether you seek formal F.A.S.T. formation credentials that enable you to fly formation in wavered airspace, such as at airshows, or simply to expand your skills as an aviator, Stearman Flight will help you achieve your goals and enrich your aviation journey with adventure, camaraderie and big fun!

Aviation, adventure, comaraderie, skill building & fun.

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11/04/2020 - 11/08/2020   

KSAT-San Antonio, TX

Basic/ Advanced Clinic (Full)

F.A.S.T. Cards Issued:

Darryl Fisher

-2 Ship Lead
-4 Ship Wing, 2&4 qualified

Darren Bond

-2 Ship Wing

Clint Cawley

-2 Ship Advanced     

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KTHA-Tullahoma, TN

Advanced / Four Ship flying. All Stearman Flight members welcome. Clinic operations from Beechcraft Heritage Museum and grass runways. Tennessee Whiskey Trail tours of the George Dickel and Jack Daniels Distilleries.

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